Round Disc Engraved Family Name and Birthstone Necklace

Round Disc Engraved Family Name and Birthstone Necklace
Round Disc Engraved Family Name and Birthstone Necklace
Round Disc Engraved Family Name and Birthstone Necklace
Round Disc Engraved Family Name and Birthstone Necklace

Round Disc Engraved Family Name and Birthstone Necklace

Model: necklace for family-20160031

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Free Shipping In USA


Chain Length:


14/16/18/20/22/24/26 Inches




180 Days Don't Fade


Wear Occasions:


In Daily Life


Total Weight:


70g - 100g








60 Days Money Back




Laser Cutting




As Shown


Pendant Thickness:


1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch




Name Necklace


Extender Chain:


2 Inches(5 Cm)




Velvet Bag Or Box


Produce Time:


5 - 7 Business Days






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Apply Age Range:


8 - 90 Years Old



Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful! I am very happy with it.
  • Alena - customerWednesday 18 October, 2017

  • perfectly transformed my daughter's name into a wearable keepsake. Thank you!
  • Quentin - customerFriday 08 September, 2017

  • It's meaning is what's special
  • saloetz - customerSunday 06 August, 2017

  • Love it. Thank you.
  • Shannon Cochran - customerSaturday 05 August, 2017

  • Not bad for necklace at this price.
  • Lindsay - customerMonday 31 July, 2017

  • This is a great product for a great price! LOVE!!
  • Aleesta - customerTuesday 02 May, 2017

  • People compliment it - very pretty, quick delivery. Would purchase again.
  • Betty - customerWednesday 29 March, 2017

  • So very cute and great quality for the price. I didn\'t expect it to be very good quality, given the price, but I decided to order one anyway. Boy, was I surprised!
  • Tonya - customerSaturday 25 February, 2017

  • this necklace is beautiful! its even better than i expected. i was hesitant because it was so affordable but i looked at other reviews and thought i\'d give it a shot. i almost paid triple this for a similar one on etsy. It came with the little birthstones as well.
  • melissa - customerThursday 19 January, 2017

  • Very pretty what I expected, good value looks expensive
  • Andre - customerMonday 05 December, 2016

  • Beautiful and well crafted my daughter loved it.
  • Wenona - customerMonday 17 October, 2016

  • I love this necklace. Its the perfect size for me and it doesn\'t rust like the other ones i\'ve had. A great product and company!
  • Veral - customerWednesday 05 October, 2016

  • Exactly as pictured and seems to be good quality!
  • Sapphira - customerSaturday 24 September, 2016

  • This necklace is absolutely gorgeous! They were so easy to work with and got it to me so quickly.
  • Trista - customerSunday 11 September, 2016

  • Great quality and communication! Thank you very much!!!!!!
  • Page - customerSaturday 27 August, 2016

  • This is a great quality piece of jewelry, I got this nice little necklace as a gift for my girlfriend, The gold plating is excellent.
  • Anzhelika - customerMonday 15 August, 2016

  • Necklace Turned out really nice!
  • Emily Corbitt - customerThursday 04 August, 2016

  • Loved the necklace. Excellent quality.
  • Patti Allan - customerThursday 04 August, 2016

  • It is a very stylish, elegant looking necklace; well worth the money.
  • Teejay - customerWednesday 03 August, 2016

  • This necklace and charm arrived in perfect condition and on time as expected. The necklace came in a nice little bag and was also inside of a plastic smaller storage bag for shipping that made sure that the chain would not get tangled during the shipping process. I would be sure to open and remove plastic bag before giving as a gift
  • mercedes - customerFriday 29 July, 2016

  • What a cute, simple, trendy necklace. I love the simplicity of the chain, to me it is the perfect size, & the best thing about the chain is it is adjustable to your needs. So far wearing it, I must say this is a nicely covered gold plated chain. I haven\'t had any discomfort, tarnish, or the ugly greenish color on my skin like other low quality jewelry give. So that should tell you a lot about the quality of this necklace.
  • Harshal - customerSaturday 16 July, 2016

  • I love this necklace!!! Bought it for my family. Arrived so fast. Looks so beautiful.
  • Jherrion - customerWednesday 08 June, 2016

  • I love this necklace. Lately I have been more into wearing smaller accessories instead of my normal statement pieces and I really loved the simplicity of this one and I was not disappointed. The chain and pendant have weight to them so it does not feel like you are wearing this flimsy piece of jewelry that is going to rip apart the first time you wear it. I haven\'t had any skin irritation or green tinting nor has it started to tarnish.
  • Christy - customerFriday 03 June, 2016

  • This is a great necklace at this price point. It\'s delicate and authentic-looking; the color, size, and uncomplicated style all hit the right note.
  • Raquel - customerWednesday 11 May, 2016

  • Quality product, highly recommend this jewelry.
  • Halfrida - customerFriday 15 April, 2016

  • I have a six year old daughter and one of her friends at school had a similar necklace. She really wanted one of her own but I didn\'t want something that looked cheap. I liked the look of this one and thought it would please us both.
  • Ladda - customerMonday 04 April, 2016

  • This is a very cute necklace. I purchased this to give as a gift to my niece, and I think she will absolutely love this!
  • Foxcraft - customerFriday 18 March, 2016

  • Tan hermosa y delicada, esperemos no romper es buena calidad y hermoso, me encanta, voy a usarlo a diario:)
  • Gala - customerWednesday 10 February, 2016

  • This is very similar to the necklace I had on my wishlist and for about $50 less. For the price, I love it. The disc part is really my favorite, it\'s just the perfect size.
  • Maryam - customerTuesday 05 January, 2016

  • Really nice gift for your mom or woman.
  • Eda - customerFriday 01 January, 2016

  • This is an awesome gold plated necklace with a gold plated pendant. I chose the necklace seeing the pendant. The pendant looks like a gold coin. The 18 inch long necklace can be adjusted with anyone. I purchased this necklace for my boyfriend and he is very happy to get this gift.
  • Dinasty - customerTuesday 22 December, 2015

  • This is the perfect sized disc. I\'ve looked at these for awhile, and either the disc is too dainty and gets lost in your outfit, or it is too large and doesn\'t look feminine.
  • Priscilla - customerTuesday 17 November, 2015

  • I purchased this to give to my daughter on her 17th birthday. She likes simple, statement pieces and gold is her favorite color.
  • Judy - customerWednesday 14 October, 2015

  • Very pretty necklace! It appears to be good quality. I bought this for my daughter and it looks beautiful on her! I would\'ve liked the necklace to be adjustable so I can make it shorter but easy enough to change the chain!
  • Dianne - customerWednesday 02 September, 2015

  • 아무 문제 일찍 도착했다.
  • 우선 - customerTuesday 01 September, 2015

  • This necklace turned out 10 times better than I could imagine! Its so beautiful and its really going to make my bestie cry her eyes out! Thank you!
  • Ali Maggs - customerMonday 03 August, 2015

  • I love this necklace! I have been wearing it a lot since it came in.
  • korrythatsme - customerMonday 27 July, 2015

  • I bought this initial necklace for my SIL and she was so pleased. I was too when it arrived. It\'s so pretty, small and delicate, yet is made so well. The chain is adjustable! I actually had to order it twice.
  • Tracy - customerSunday 21 June, 2015

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